Shahpari design group is recognized for researching architecture and structuring places that sustain human-natural interactions. Our practice has been fortunate to work as multidisciplinary team who focuses on architectural research and design projects. We aim to blend and structure design solutions to help people who have been affected various architectural and planning issues. Our research streams are the architectural conceptualization, prefabricated buildings, urban design, spatial analysis and simulation.  We collaborate effectively with all project participants and provide an innovative design and creative approach that reflect the stakeholders’ shared values. We are inclusive, and always interested to hear our clients’ perspectives and understand our team point of views.

Our Reputation

Dr Maryam Shahpari
Dr Maryam ShahpariArchitect
Maryam is a Founder and leads our design studio and manages the architecture and design projects. She is a well-respected CG artist and visual designer. She has a PhD in architecture with special expertise in designing luxury apartments, prefabricated buildings and complex mixed-used development. Maryam’s ability to manage architectural projects on time has been a key to the success of the practice and portfolio.
Dr Sahar Shahpari
Dr Sahar ShahpariUrban and Regional Planner
Sahar is a founder and leads the urban design studio and regional planning projects. She has developed a strong appreciation of the complexities of the range and scale of projects from residential buildings to urban development and regional precincts. Her broad skills in planning and design allows her to collaborate design processes with clients, stakeholders and design team.
Dr Nabi Olah Gholami Bidkhani
Dr Nabi Olah Gholami BidkhaniGIS Analyst
Navid leads the GIS studio and civic projects. He has managed a rang of projects from remote sensing of agricultural land to water management in metropolitan cities. His expertise and technical skills contributes to the success of the range of civic projects.
Dr Mehrdad Abbasianasl
Dr Mehrdad AbbasianaslPhotographer
Mehrdad leads the photography studio. He holds Associate degree with Australian photographic society and brings extensive experience from international photography competitions. His artistic and collaborative approach ensures the quality of the project photos and outputs.


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